Love Natural

As parents we understand that when kids are growing up they can literally eat you out of house and home. That makes snacks a key source of food in between meals throughout the day. The problem is that many snacks options are full of synthetic ingredients, added colours, artificial flavours, added sugars and preservatives. Not only that, but in many cases it’s hard to tell what’s good and what’s not. Snacks that look good on the outside, on closer inspection can have very little goodness left in the snack itself.

At Tenda we simply love natural and we also know how important it is in today lifestyle for growing kids to get as much real ingredients as they can. That’s why we have tried as hard as we can to come up with a range of snacks that are as natural as we can make it. Tenda Kids contains real fruit, real veges, real ingredients and very little else. If we only need one ingredient to get you a great tasting snack, then that’s all we will use.

Best of all, Tenda Kids snacks taste great! We hope your kids enjoy eating them as much as we have enjoyed making them for you.

Love Ingredients

It’s amazing how complicated many foods are. You look on the back of the pack and the list of ingredients looks more like a science exam rather than something you want to feed your children. The confusing thing is that when you make something at home it’s not so complicated, so why is the food that we buy and feed our kids?

Tenda Kids isn’t like that. We love our real ingredients and we love the simplicity of them. Whether it’s NZ Corn, NZ Hawkes Bay Apples or Yummy NZ yogurt, we thing less is best…..and it is best! Our ingredients are the simply the best that we could find and we are pretty confident have the least scientific names as well!

New Zealand Made Quality

Tenda Kids Snacks are the first range of snack foods to be part of the inSight program run by AsureQuality, New Zealand’s leading independent testing authority.